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IT Asset Disposition
DecisionOne’s IT Asset Disposition and Data Destruction Service provides a tailored approach to maximize customer financial objectives while ensuring destruction of all resident data in a fully compliant manner.

We offer the following options for IT equipment disposition:

  • Inventory assessment, disposition planning, project implementation, on-going life-cycle management
  • Disposal of no value equipment in a compliant and environmentally sound manner
  • Data destruction compliant to applicable standard including DOD 5220.22M
  • Component harvesting
  • Remarketing/Sale of valuable equipment
  • Donation of equipment and/or components
  • Warehousing of equipment for redeployment at customer locations
  • Turn IT liabilities into assets through resale of retired equipment
  • Return equipment back to original configuration for reuse
  • Dispose of equipment with zero market value according to government guidelines


  • Lowered costs of Asset Disposition
  • Reduced risk and increased compliance of securely destroying private information
  • Modular suite of customizable services ranging from an individual asset’s removal to comprehensive, asset life-cycle management programs
  • DecisionOne facilitated IT asset re-deployment



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