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In today’s business environment, it can be logistically difficult and cost-prohibitive to repair defective equipment and devices that are onsite at end-user or client locations. Particularly challenging from a logistics perspective can be the repair and servicing of laptops – since the workload is somewhat unpredictable, yet very time sensitive, and therefore difficult to staff internally. You, or your clients, can’t afford the lost productivity due to bad equipment or slow IT personnel response, which is why an advance exchange solution may be an alternative to consider.

DecisionOne covers every step of the process of exchanging defective onsite equipment – from managing consigned inventory and processing shipping requests, to RMA tracking and defective product returns. Ideally suited for non-critical business applications where a next day replacement is acceptable, DecisionOne's Advance Exchange Services are designed to reduce your repair costs with minimum disruption to your business.

Your inventory is consigned and managed by DecisionOne, then, upon your request, we ship a replacement unit directly to the end user, who then reuses the packaging to return the non-working unit to DecisionOne. The defective unit can then be handled under one or more of the following DecisionOne Logistic Services offerings:

  • Repair Services
  • Warranty Management
  • Test and Screen
  • Refresh Programs
  • Asset Recovery

With DecisionOne's variety of logistic services offerings, companies can build the perfect turnkey advance exchange solution by adding Repair, Warranty Management, Test and Screen, and other services.


  • Decreased cost versus same day onsite repair for equipment where a next business day delivery replacement is acceptable
  • Improved customer satisfaction rapid turnaround of defective equipment versus typical depot repair
  • Increased flexibility and scalability of workforce and processes, based on your requirements
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities with A+ certified technicians
  • Complete management and execution of logistics process from receiving through shipping, enabling you to focus on your primary business
  • Increased visibility through real time web access to all product inventory, shipping, and receiving – including seven-day notification of defective units not return



  • Desktop, laptop, and workgroup devices
  • Displays – CRT/LCD monitors, LCD/Plasma TVs
  • Printers, scanners, and multifunction equipment
  • Kiosks and POS equipment
  • PDAs and wireless device
  • Network devices
  • Digital and photo imaging devices.
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