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Airlines and Airports

With more than 50 years of experience and thousands of technology professionals available to service airlines and airports across North America, DecisionOne delivers the entire spectrum of technology maintenance and support services. We support major U.S. airlines with specialty equipment maintenance at more than 180 international airports across 74 countries and - with the common use initiative now being integrated into major airports - we support the entire air transportation marketplace.

Experience and Credentials – The DecisionOne Difference

As transportation industry profit margins have eroded in recent years due to rising fuel costs and other factors, it has become imperative to reduce technology support costs, increase operating efficiencies, and optimize the return on your investments. In addition to regular background checks and drug testing, more than 400 DecisionOne field engineers have the security clearances and credentials to meet today’s strict U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration requirements. DecisionOne also has the infrastructure to handle your airport-based requirements internationally

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Resellers:

Partnering with a technology services company like DecisionOne enables you to realize project and maintenance services revenue, while outsourcing the staffing and skills complexities unique to the IT services environment.

For Outsourcers and Systems Integrators:

DecisionOne recognizes that your airline clients rely on you to manage all of their IT services requirements, which may involve multiple platforms and vendors. Your challenge is to provide high-quality services that will increase your clients’ productivity and reduce their costs, while also managing your costs and earning a profit. Since DecisionOne is one of the largest independent providers of computer services at airports and airport facilities, partnering with us enables you to leverage our experience to create unique and value-driven solutions for your clients and their end users. Our multi-platform, multi-vendor expertise will keep both legacy and leading-edge systems up and running.

  • Total coordination and project management of the installation and de-installation process including site surveys, site preparation, assembly, staging, integration, configuration, implementation, testing, rollout, technology refresh, de-installation, disposal, and second life.
  • Complete ongoing maintenance and support for the airline environment — from the corporate office to point-of-sale and everywhere technology resides in between. Comprised of onsite, remote, and logistic services, this solution is designed to extend the life of IT investments while keeping service events imperceptible to the traveler/end customer.
  • Whenever there is a technology support issue, this is the first and only call an employee has to make. Available on a 24x7 basis, this North American-staffed solution covers Tier 1 through Tier 3 escalation, as well as dispatching and scheduling of onsite resources as needed.
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