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What do you get when you combine over 50 years of service expertise with 75 years of manufacturing experience? The answer is simple – DecisionOne Digital Imaging and Displays, the world’s strongest support services group that intimately understands the manufacturing and distribution process and its impact on the service expectations of the market.

Originally an exclusive support provider to 3M and then Imation Corporation, DecisionOne Digital Imaging and Displays has evolved into a premier high tech OEM service organization, providing the full lifecycle support for all of your, or your clients', specialty digital imaging and display technology equipment.

Digital Imaging and Displays Support Services

Take the worry out of service. With Digital Imaging and Displays there is not need for you to build an internal service organization, add specialty skills to your existing IT group, manage multiple service vendors, or use channel services – notorious for competing against one another and providing inconsistent support. Digital Imaging and Displays Services covers the entire technology support lifecycle include installation, warranty, preventative maintenance, emergency repair, upgrades, onsite training, and post-warranty service agreements – throughout the U.S. and Canada – so it is your one-stop for all your support needs.

Specialized Workforce with the Right Parts

Digital Imaging and Displays trained Customer Service Engineers drive stocked vans, carry laptops for diagnostics, and have specialized tools for your service market. These tools and their experience decrease unnecessary repeat trips and customer downtime. In addition, service engineering product performance and feedback – integrated into DecisionOne's routine reporting – can be provided to the manufacturer as valuable feedback that can be used to improve your product's end user satisfaction.


  • Increased flexibility and scalability of workforce and processes, based on your requirements
  • Reduced business complexity and eliminated need to manage multiple vendors through one services vendor and a single point of contact
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels due to specialized workforce providing expertly managed service delivery and execution
  • Decreased repeat trips and downtime of mission-critical equipment by leveraging the scale and infrastructure of an experienced, national service provider


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