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Every day, your IT team must be ready to respond to a wide range of support requests that may include everything from large-scale implementations to one-time project requests to daily end user or customer IT support needs. Staffing different types of requests while balancing business objectives and providing adequate uptime for end users is challenging at best. With constantly evolving IT environments, how do you meet these needs without adding head count, building a help desk, or scaling for projects that are short-term in nature?

DecisionOne’s Support Center Services can provide the solution for your company’s help desk needs. Our experienced team of help desk professionals stands ready to meet your organization’s end user or customer IT needs, 24x7, with a single point of contact. For the end user, we provide technical diagnosis, part identification, field service dispatch, and project work. For your customers, our team can quickly assess the situation and determine the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

  • Greater visibility into all inquiries through a single point of contact
  • Scalable capabilities with 24x7 coverage
  • A single source for tracking and reporting all facets of service for your employees or your customers, including all external interactions with other vendors
  • Eliminating the need to hire and train short-term employees
  • Minimized project work, allowing your IT team to focus on core business needs
  • Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility to use client-specific systems and processes based on your requirements and volume
  • Technical Support Services
  • Customer Support Services
  • Project Support Services

Each offering can be tailored to provide full support, or scaled as needed to supplement your current IT staff or meet short-term IT initiatives. Our multi-vendor, multi-platform support means your end user or customer IT support needs are expertly managed by our highly-trained support team, without the need for auxiliary providers. Contact us today to learn how you can maximize uptime and improve efficiencies within your end user or customer base.


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