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Warranty Management Services

Maintaining in-house staff and procuring the space necessary to handle your organization’s warranty equipment can be both cost prohibitive and a distraction from your company’s core competency. Let DecisionOne provide the complete operations and infrastructure required to manage your, or your clients’, warranty equipment.

Warranty Management Services provides a centralized collection and storage site for receiving and managing equipment returned during the OEM/supplier warranty period. Activities include receipt of inventory from you or your end users (or your clients’ or your clients’ end users), inventory inspection, and palletizing of product. Then, we will either act as your Authorized Service Provider (ASP) with our Repair Services, or forward the equipment to your ASP or OEM destination.


  • Decreased costs through per event and actual warehouse space utilized pricing
  • Increased visibility through real time web access to all product inventory, shipping, and receiving
  • Decreased inventory exposure through 100% visual inspection of inventory for discrepancies and observable external shipping damage
  • Increased flexibility and scalability of workforce and processes, based on your requirements
  • ISO 9000:2000 certified facilities with A+ certified technicians
  • Secure, dedicated stocking locations with 24 hour Security Guard service, access by badged employees only
  • Inventory control measures (cycle counts), quality audits, TAT performance


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