DecisionOne has helped to maximize the value of assets at thousands of locations, and we have technicians who are skilled and ready to assess and service assets at your site. Our Project Management service can even handle a complete asset upgrade initiative or other effort while your IT team stays focused on differentiating work. We even have tools that track and report ongoing asset locations, status, and ownership, so you can illuminate your opportunities—and get more out of your investment.

We offer asset management that is backed by our worldwide network of technicians. We also have comprehensive capabilities to stage, kit, configure, and deploy—or retire—technology with remote or onsite support and management. That gives us the flexibility to deliver customized solutions more quickly and strategically than the competition.

Our technicians currently support and maintain hardware from more than 700 of the world’s leading manufacturers, including IBM®, HP®, Dell™, Toshiba®, Sony®, Apple®, Lenovo®, Fujitsu®, NCRSM, Lexmark®, Epson®, Okidata®, Brother™, Panasonic®, Cisco®, Netgear®, and 3M®. We maintain collaborative relationships with manufacturers and, in some cases, we serve as their support and services organization.

Reduce your costs and extend your control with our efficient, knowledgeable, and cost-effective asset management.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.


Our break-fix service technicians are ready to support your ongoing or on-call needs. For ongoing needs, we can provide onsite technicians through our innovative hybrid field service model—this model lets you to control the daily activities of our onsite W-2 employees while avoiding employee costs. We can dispatch onsite technicians as needed, per your SLA requirements. And we can be the “smart hands” onsite, while you provide remote technical guidance for proprietary tasks. We can even ship assets, such as keyboards and other small upgrades, to end users for self-installation. With a broad range of experience, we are ready to provide your custom solution.

Warranty Support

Warranties can cover the cost of a repair or replacement, but they don’t cover the hassle. The reality is that many IT assets fail at inconvenient times and locations. And the burden of actually disconnecting the asset and processing its warranty service falls to someone who already has a full task list for the day. The logistics of making warranty claims is often enough to prevent companies from taking advantage of the warranty services and replacements that are rightfully theirs.

DecisionOne Warranty Support takes the burden of warranty claim logistics and follow-up off of your IT staff, and lets you efficiently take advantage of the value that your company has been leaving untapped. With a worldwide team of technicians, we always have someone ready and available to process warranty issues without taking time away from your staff’s more urgent responsibilities.

Project Management

Sometimes, opportunities arise when resources aren’t available. It often makes sense to call upon external resources and delegate a project’s goals, responsibilities, and timeline to a focused external leader. Doing so can improve transparency, clarify costs, and create a faster path for completion.

Our Project Management services can implement your requirements with expertise, discipline, and structure. Our teams can manage or assist with an infrastructure refresh, upgrade, rollout, or recall. We will tailor the project to your specific needs, and we have the resources to quickly ramp up and maintain your project for its duration.

Project Management includes:

  • Project Design
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Staff/FS Management
  • Project Management PMO

A DecisionOne project manager can lead the project team that starts new support services, or can ensure completion of large projects, providing agreed-to project deliverables and serving as the primary contact for project issues and communications.

SLA Management

Project Management benefits include:

  • Timely responses—call upon remote issue handling by seasoned professionals
  • Comprehensive coverage—receive global 24×7 coverage
  • Better scalability—quickly ramp up a support center infrastructure to handle higher volumes, new projects, and seasonal trends
  • Tailored solutions—choose flexible, dedicated, shared, or hybrid support models for short and long-term engagements, with flexible pricing
  • Comprehensive knowledge—take advantage of our depth and breadth of supported technologies, including legacy and emerging technologies
  • Quality assurance—experience our personal commitment to your business results and monitoring with customer calibration for quality

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