DecisionOne AssetONE has helped to maximize the lifecycle of IT assets for hundreds of clients, and our skilled technicians are ready to assess and service your assets from cradle to grave. We have the tools to track and report ongoing asset locations, status, and ownership, so you can illuminate your opportunities and get more out of your investment.

We offer asset services that are backed by a highly-skilled network of technicians who can stage, kit, configure, and deploy—or retire—technology with remote or onsite support and management. With our AssetONE services and our onsite Asset Management tools, you can have the power of full-lifecycle custom asset management.

We have a world-class 200,000 square foot facility outside of Columbus, OH which is a secure technology center, with climate controlled areas for refresh and depot repair, asset management activities, client projects, with full shipping/logistics access for planning and engagements.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Forward and Reverse Logistics

Our forward and reverse logistics team can coordinate best-cost solutions to move materials and manage deployments on a small or large scale. Our forward logistics moves, stores, or distributes goods or parts, such as the parts that we or our clients keep ready for repairing equipment in field services. We can even store and distribute your whole units on demand. Our reverse logistics coordinates the transfer of assets from your location to one of our depot centers or another site, for repair, recall, disposal, or other needed services. Either way, these logistics pair perfectly with our other services for a complete solution.

Depot Repair

Our depot repair services are handled at two ISO 9001:2008 certified technology centers, in Wayne, PA, (FS32278) and Urbancrest, OH, (FS31337), where we have more than 1M IT assets on hand. These centers are near three international airports, multiple rail services, and within a one-day truck drive of most of the US and Canadian populations. There, we provide services for thousands of devices every month.

Advanced Exchange: With our advanced exchange service, our technology centers can store your pre-configured replacement assets and ship them out on your request. This is ideal for non-critical business applications that can wait for next-business-day replacements rather than onsite service. End users can use the shipping boxes and included labels to return their defective assets to the technology centers for service.

Depot Repair can also include: Warehousing, Staging, Configuration, Imaging, Tagging, Etching, Skinning, UV Substrate Printing, Kitting, Deployment, Delivery on Demand, Repair, Refresh, Recovery, Warranty, and Recall.

Staging and Configuration

Our staging and configuration service can ensure that the right operating system and software “image” is efficiently and precisely loaded on multiple systems simultaneously. We can load images for your desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, and our engineers can help you configure the image if necessary. Preloading software images on your assets not only ensures consistency, it can greatly reduce the initial setup and configuration workload for your IT staff.

Tagging: Our Tagging service applies physical tags to assets for better asset identification, tracking, and management from deployment. Tagging options include affixing physical tags, etching permanent tags, UV substrate printing, and BIOS tagging, including scannable QR and bar code options.

Etching and UV Substrate Printing: Monochrome laser etching and color UV substrate printing can be used to tag assets for identification, or they can apply customized logos, images, and other designs that are up to 288 square inches. These processes not only provide unique branding and business promotion opportunities, they can emboss braille text, add color coding, and even provide theft-deterrent identification.

Skinning: Our skinning service can apply standard or customized vinyl skins to devices for protection, branding, or ease of identification.

Kitting: Our kitting service can help you streamline a deployment process by combining multiple items into a kit. By creating kits that include your standard devices, software, peripherals, cases, instructions, collateral, and other elements, you can efficiently provide users with the standard version of everything they need, all at once. Kitting also helps consolidate shipments from multiple sources or manufacturers, to avoid the risk of missing key items.


Our deployment service can deliver your assets to one or more locations over a set period of time according to your deployment plan. This service can save you time, while we provide tracking, status, and updates for asset deployments in keeping with your schedule.

Asset Management at Technology Centers

Our asset management at technology centers takes advantage of our to Forward and Reverse Logistics to offer you with a range of efficient services.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Liquidation: Our ITAD and liquidation service offers options for secure and certified destruction that meets US Department of Defense standards, or certified downstream asset disposition, certified R2:2013 Standard recycling, asset recovery with consolidation for potential scrap, and even whole device recycling remarketing, all with comprehensive asset management and tracking.

We offer the best experience and highest level of professionalism when picking up assets, with attention to detail to ensure the site is left in superior condition. Security is our main focus. Our chain of custody, data destruction, and physical security are performed at the highest industry standards available. We also process in several local sites around the country to ensure that you don’t have to pay costly logistics. All of our recycling and asset destruction is certified and carefully controlled from governmental agencies.

  • Start with a Quote
    • After you receive our quote for asset recovery, disposal, or data destruction services, including inventory and site details, we will schedule a pick-up.
  • Schedule Pick-Up
    • Once we have an agreement on the details, we immediately set up our white-glove team anywhere in the US to perform all of the work.
  • We Process Assets
    • The shipment is received, tested, accounted for and serialized. Equipment is prepared for resale, destruction or proper recycling.
  • We Resell Equipment
    • Any asset that can be resold is fed through a network of resellers that will yield the highest price for your equipment.
  • Risk Compliance
    • All data and equipment are accounted for and all certificates are provided. Also, all gain share of resale is disbursed back to you.

Parts and Inventory Management: Our parts and inventory management team can tailor a solution to meet your desktop, network, and broadband parts and inventory needs, providing warranty parts, supporting out-of-production products, or storing, distributing, and selling your inventory. Effective and efficient inventory management can have a powerful influence on both your cash flow and client service.

Returns and Warranty Management: Our returns and warranty management team has worked with major channel clients to tailor solutions that fit a range of specific needs. We have the national presence and experience to help you minimize inventory investments while maximizing client satisfaction. Returns can go through testing, repair, refurbishment, disposal and more. Manage your product and parts returns to help drive your financial success, high client satisfaction, and repeat sales.

End of Life Support

Our technicians can keep maintaining your products after the original manufacturer has declared their “End of Life” and stopped providing support. As part of our service, we continuously monitor the availability of replacement parts and interchangeable alternatives, creating an inventory forecast based on our current experience and notifying you when reliable parts may no longer be available. We also notify you when repairs reach the point that they are no longer cost-justified over replacement. By keeping you advised of these of these factors in advance, we let you identify cost-effective alternatives in a timely fashion. That’s how we help you extend the service life of your equipment for maximum value.

Warranty Support

Warranties can cover the cost of a repair or replacement, but they don’t cover the hassle. The reality is that many IT assets fail at inconvenient times and locations. And the burden of actually disconnecting the asset and processing its warranty service falls to someone who already has a full task list for the day. The logistics of making warranty claims is often enough to prevent companies from taking advantage of the warranty services and replacements that are rightfully theirs.

DecisionOne Warranty Support takes the burden of warranty claim logistics and follow-up off of your IT staff, and lets you efficiently take advantage of the value that your company has been leaving untapped. With a worldwide team of technicians, we always have someone ready and available to process warranty issues without taking time away from your staff’s more urgent responsibilities.

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