An IT event is any change that is relevant for managing an IT service or configuration. Events include the start and completion of processes, status updates, errors, warnings, and an array of other occurrences. Every day, your organization’s IT infrastructure generates far too many events for anyone to track individually. But an event management solution can programmatically detect, filter, prioritize, resolve, and close a range of problematic events—saving your team money and time.

DecisionOne incorporates event management into many of our services, but we can also create a custom service to match your particular needs.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Remote Monitoring

Our Remote Monitoring has a unique advantage over most of the event management solutions on the market today—predictive intelligence. Our service incorporates the power of IntelONE, our proprietary IT infrastructure service intelligence platform. IntelONE harnesses the power of your asset data to help you anticipate, control, plan, and budget for emerging trends. Its recommendations provide critical input for many of our infrastructure management and maintenance technicians.

Remote Monitoring takes these recommendations even further, developing programmatic responses to resolve some of the most common problems. This proactive and programmatic approach can save valuable time and create real value for the teams that manage and maintain your infrastructure.

Cloud Migration and Management

As companies shift data and services to the cloud, they need a practiced partner who can help them identify, engineer, and maintain their cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are not an answer to every problem, and the process of shifting business-critical functions creates significant risks. While cloud solutions can offer significant benefits, they must be given the proper architecture to ensure successful implementation and future flexibility. DecisionOne offers a Hyperscale Service framework that is engineered to improve the simplicity and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions. A DecisionOne Hyperscale solution delivers on the promised flexibility and cost savings of cloud while providing you with one point of contact to address issues and identify future needs.

Cloud Migration and Management includes:

  • Assessment
  • Migration
  • Hyperscale
  • Support
  • Remote Monitoring

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