DecisionOne and our sister company Maintech are the go-to partners for hundreds of companies worldwide, from small businesses to the world’s largest enterprises, and our expertise can adapt to almost any industry. Some of the industries where we have become a leading provider include:


Transportation companies face daily pressure to reduce costs, increase profit, meet customer expectations, and manage security risks. These challenges can be difficult to balance when you are called upon to implement new initiatives, meet new requirements, or adapt to new regulations.

DecisionOne has a worldwide network of credentialed employees ready to provide expert and vendor-neutral, maintenance, professional, and asset services to keep new and legacy assets up and running.


Healthcare providers and companies depend on their IT systems to access medical records, plan patient care, and more. Providers need a partner who can help support them and help them plan costs.

DecisionOne provides timely, comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant IT support services to keep healthcare providers running optimally at more than 12,000 sites across the United States.


Technology plays a growing role in our educational systems, and teachers need to know that they can integrate and rely upon new tools to support lesson plans and activities. But it can be difficult to ensure the reliability and performance of a broad range of tools—and one school often has assets from more than a hundred different manufacturers.

DecisionOne has technicians who are specialized and certified in deploying, integrating, and supporting education technology. We help ensure your security by providing full-time, W-2 employees who have completed drug testing and background checks. Wherever you are, we are ready to provide end-to-end IT services for classroom, administrative, and remote environments.


Public sector organizations must drive efficiency and productivity for critical services every day. But budgets are tight, and organizations often need to continue using legacy technologies and platforms that the original manufacturers no longer support. Over time, inefficiencies can creep into these systems, bog down processing, and increase the risk of failure.

DecisionOne has more than 1,000 specialists with experience delivering maintenance and support solutions designed to improve efficiencies and increase productivity in the fields of government, health, and education. Government organizations choose us because of our GSA schedule experience, local U.S. presence, and national team of professionals with government-acquired security clearances. Across the public sector, we provide local, reliable, and cost-effective solutions at every point in your technology lifecycle.

Financial Services

In the financial services market, national and global firms need to work with one global IT partner that can provide a range of capabilities and service a range of technologies. These firms cannot afford to manage a complex and inconsistent patchwork of small regional vendors, or manufacturers who can only service one product. Such arrangements always carry the risk that accountability can fall through the cracks—and vendors can say, “It’s not our area.”

DecisionOne has a nationwide staff of fully vetted and certified field technicians that can provide complete support and lifecycle asset management for branches, client service offices or corporate offices. Our suite of data center and enterprise networking services can deliver unparalleled uptime and reliability—so that you can spend more time serving your customers.


Retailers face a technology landscape that races forward every day. Customer expectations and competitive challenges create a constant pressure to evolve, while downtime for existing systems can have a large and lasting impact on sales. As retailers consider how best to meet the evolving challenges, they need a solid partner to help ensure that their systems remain online and responsive.

DecisionOne invests in updated certifications and training for its global network of specialists, helping to ensure that we will always have someone ready to address new issues in-store or online. DecisionOne IntelONE technology provides predictive analysis that can even help you see critical issues before they have a chance to stop your sales