When your company needs IT infrastructure services, you can take three very different approaches:

  • Break-fix services are reactive—they provide IT maintenance and support as needed, when contacted.
    • Break-fix services help small companies remedy immediate problems. But many companies continue to rely on break-fix services even when service costs add up to more than the cost of a managed services agreement.
  • Managed services are proactive—they provide IT maintenance and support as needed, based on monitoring performed by the service provider.
    • Managed services allow for more efficient budgeting and—most importantly—help save you time and money by addressing “hidden” IT problems such as slow networks, insufficient capacity and approaching failures for hardware, missing security and other software patches and updates, and failed backups or gaps in disaster recovery. Our Project Management service can even manage and complete a complete infrastructure refresh, software upgrade, or similar tasks while your IT team stays focus on differentiating work
  • Extracted services are comprehensive—they use our proven methodology to combine your technicians with the DecisionOne technician network, then provide services to you at lower cost and higher efficiency.
    • Our Extraction methodology has improved cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and employee morale by bringing a company’s existing technicians into the DecisionOne W2 workforce. As DecisionOne employees, technicians get to focus on mission-oriented work while our managers streamline administrative tasks with our proven tools and processes.

DecisionOne monitors and manages the on-premise and cloud systems and devices for clients around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even provide end user help desk support, so we are ready to respond to almost anything—around the clock. Our OEM-certified engineers can also apply a thorough understanding of your strategy and requirements to deliver industry-leading network designs and services.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.


You need to stay nimble. But sometimes, in-house services can become a budgeting burden that limits your company’s flexibility and control. It can be hard to know how to adjust while maintaining essential services and minimizing the impacts on your team members.

Extraction helps companies turn the fixed costs of in-house field service teams into more efficient variable costs. We extract your field service, call center, service desk, parts and logistics, or depot repair employees into our team, then provide them to you through an efficient as-needed structure. When your business trends up, we flow resources and services right back to you. When your business slows, we assign your resources to other contracts. We can even handle parts and logistics planning within our network, freeing you up to use your resources more effectively.

Extraction phases include:

Phase I
DecisionOne performs a consultative analysis of your current state.

Phase II
DecisionOne identifies areas of opportunity and efficiency, providing ROI and risk recommendations regarding options for outsourcing field service.

Phase III
DecisionOne and our client achieve shared benefits from scale/services expansion in areas such as technical support, service desk, parts and logistics (up to 15-20% cost savings and increased customer service levels).

Extraction benefits include:

  • Robust infrastructure—access teams across field services, service desk, parts and logistics, and a centralized Technology Services Center
  • Deep talent pool—call on the largest W-2 field services workforce of any TPM in the industry, with skills and capabilities across many technology fronts
  • Cost reduction—save up to 15-20% while still achieving increased customer service levels
  • Improve flexibility—quickly adapt when your business cycle turns up or down
  • Steady service quality—maintain consistently high-quality service with access to technicians as needed

Network Management

Network services are more than just maintenance—they involve proactive design, analysis, and monitoring that can sometimes burden a company’s IT staff which has been pulled into other issues. At the same time, it can be expensive for companies to maintain sufficient full-time network administrators to ensure that potential issues are averted before they become a network failure. DecisionOne has a staff of network specialists who are ready to address network design, maintenance, and more to maximize performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Print Management

Printing costs may seem like a non-negotiable. Often, a company’s daily processes and legacy printing procedures have a high cost that is difficult to analyze. But just as often, there are inefficiencies hidden among the processes and equipment. Risks arise when you cannot tell what is being printed where and by whom—especially in the age of cloud-based solutions. You need to be able to see your true printer needs, maintenance costs, wasted pages, and more.

Our Print Management specialists can evaluate, assist, or entirely manage your enterprise-wide printing needs to help untangle unnecessary expenses while facilitating the most effective print pieces that drive your business. Our end-to-end approach typically saves customers 20-30% on print-related costs. That’s because our specialists understand the process, from design through support.

Print Management includes:

  • Setup and Install
  • Support and Maintain
  • Print Optimization
  • Assessment
    • Discover existing devices
    • Document procurement and support processes
    • Establish current cost baseline
    • Identify opportunities to enhance print services cost-effectiveness, performance and capabilities
  • Design
    • Build comprehensive strategies to streamline print operations and reduce costs
    • Consolidate assets and minimize the number of manufacturers and models to support
    • Optimize and manage the print environment to meet user needs
    • Deliver integrated, multi-vendor maintenance services
  • Implementation
    • Implement design strategies and gain control over print operations
    • Provide print-as-a-service to departments
    • Implement proactive supply and service delivery
    • Set up comprehensive reporting
  • Management
    • Identify under- and over-utilized devices
    • Track changing user requirements
    • Use business analytics to spot workflow improvements
    • Deploy new technology to eliminate or streamline printing
    • Provide ongoing troubleshooting, support and maintenance, including supplies replenishment
  • Document Management
  • Materials Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Refresh/Dispose

Print Management benefits include:

  • Reduced print costs—consolidate printers to match real needs, standardize hardware, reduce waste, and lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduced IT support costs—support fewer devices, more consistent user interfaces, and simpler print process
  • Tighter security and control—use our new methods for end-to-end print asset assessment, monitoring, authorization, encryption, measurement, and reporting
  • Digital transformation—design and deploy an infrastructure to transition to digital documents
  • Improved communications—build understanding between IT staff, departments, and end users
  • Reduced governance and IP risks—implement controls that enforce government-mandated requirements
  • Better business continuity—establish digital workflow processes for disaster recovery preparedness
  • More strategic decisions—access the actual usage, cost, and other data needed for informed budget, investment, and allocation decisions
  • Wider choice of manufacturers—depend on our vendor-neutral solution design and support
  • Simplified IT landscape—proactively identify under-used print assets that you can reallocate or retire

Asset Management

You need to understand, manage, and deliver the assets you have now—and the ones you’re going to need. Asset management feeds decisions across your organization, playing a foundational role in the IT planning you do every day. You need current and accurate numbers and lifecycle awareness to inform internal budgeting and maintenance teams, regulators, vendors, and others. When your asset management is less than precise, your costs can quickly escalate—your operating costs become unclear, preventative maintenance is not timed properly, replacements are not scheduled economically, the risk of asset failures rises, and processes can come to a stop. Plus, when outdated assets become inefficient, your employees become inefficient—and unhappy.

Our Asset Management services, practices, and tools can simplify and enhance your asset management. We have created AMaaST™ (Asset Management as a Service and Technology), a powerful and intuitive tool that continuously detects, records, tracks, and reports on IT assets—networked and non-networked—across your enterprise. And our experienced specialists can provide tactical, supplemental, or comprehensive vendor-neutral asset management support.

We also have two ISO 9001:2008 certified technology centers for servicing assets as needed. The DecisionOne Technology Centers in Devon, PA, (FS32278) and Urbancrest, OH, (FS31337) have more than 1M IT assets on hand. They are near three international airports, multiple rail services, and within a one-day truck drive of most of the US and Canadian populations. The centers provide services for warehousing, staging, configuration, imaging, tagging, etching, skinning, UV substrate printing, kitting, deployment, delivery on demand, repair, refresh, recovery, warranty, and recall. With our asset services and technology centers, you can have the power of full-lifecycle custom asset management.

Asset Management includes:

  • AMaaST Asset Management as a Service and Technology
    Asset Lifecycle Mgmt.
  • Procure
  • Stage
  • Setup
  • Install
  • Manage/Fix
  • Monitor
  • Restore/Refresh
  • Dispose/Refurbish


  • Windows/Linux Software/OS Management
  • End-of-Life Support
  • Advanced Exchange
  • Asset Tagging
  • Asset Intelligence
  • Parts Management
  • Forward/Reverse Logistics
  • Secure Disposal
  • Returns Management
  • Warranty Management


Asset Management benefits include:

      • Lower IT asset costs—use comprehensive asset information to prevent theft and unnecessary spending on asset purchases, taxes, licenses, maintenance, and support
      • Better visibility—maintain accurate, up-to-date stock levels and asset custody records
      • Greater control—maintain a chain of custody for assets and help prevent misappropriation of assets
      • Audit compliance—avoid penalties with current and comprehensive software and hardware awareness
      • Greater security—improve your security monitoring and and disaster recovery preparedness
      • Improved budgeting—achieve a better understanding of your assets for more strategic decision-making
      • Improved communications—create transparency for better understanding between IT and other departments
      • Unmatched field service—access nationwide resources for regular on-site audits and understanding
      • Optimized processes—work with technicians focused on managing what you already have rather than trying to sell you hardware and software
      • Better integration—integrate with your existing asset management systems and processes by importing and updating corporate asset data with real-time information

Remote Monitoring

Our Remote Monitoring has a unique advantage over most of the event management solutions on the market today—predictive intelligence. Our service incorporates the power of IntelONE, our proprietary IT infrastructure service intelligence platform. IntelONE harnesses the power of your asset data to help you anticipate, control, plan, and budget for emerging trends. Its recommendations provide critical input for many of our infrastructure management and maintenance technicians.

Remote Monitoring takes these recommendations even further, developing programmatic responses to resolve some of the most common problems. This proactive and programmatic approach can save valuable time and create real value for the teams that manage and maintain your infrastructure.

Project Management

Sometimes, opportunities arise when resources aren’t available. It often makes sense to call upon external resources and delegate a project’s goals, responsibilities, and timeline to a focused external leader. Doing so can improve transparency, clarify costs, and create a faster path for completion.

Our Project Management services can implement your requirements with expertise, discipline, and structure. Our teams can manage or assist with an infrastructure refresh, upgrade, rollout, or recall. We will tailor the project to your specific needs, and we have the resources to quickly ramp up and maintain your project for its duration.

Project Management includes:

  • Project Design
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Staff/FS Management
  • Project Management PMO

A DecisionOne project manager can lead the project team that starts new support services, or can ensure completion of large projects, providing agreed-to project deliverables and serving as the primary contact for project issues and communications.

SLA Management

Project Management benefits include:

  • Timely responses—call upon remote issue handling by seasoned professionals
  • Comprehensive coverage—receive global 24×7 coverage
  • Better scalability—quickly ramp up a support center infrastructure to handle higher volumes, new projects, and seasonal trends
  • Tailored solutions—choose flexible, dedicated, shared, or hybrid support models for short and long-term engagements, with flexible pricing
  • Comprehensive knowledge—take advantage of our depth and breadth of supported technologies, including legacy and emerging technologies
  • Quality assurance—experience our personal commitment to your business results and monitoring with customer calibration for quality

Unified Communications

Communication is the lifeblood of your business, but—with so many channels and so many assets—communication can also be a drain on your budget. With today’s landscape of mobile devices and other innovative channels, it’s important to make sure that traditional options remain efficient and effective. DecisionOne can help you manage one service efficiently or maintain a broad view of enterprise communication to help centralize messages and eliminate redundancy.

Unified Communications includes:

  • Unified Communication Management
  • VOIP
  • Plan Administration
  • Network Management
  • Device Support and Maintenance
  • Asset Management

System Security

Security is a race—a race to stay ahead of the latest threats. A company might feel that there is a risk in trusting an external provider for security services, but there can be an even greater risk in trying to keep internal staff ahead of the evolving risks. That’s why you need one central service provider who can manage your security needs with one point of access and accountability. DecisionOne offers a complete portfolio of security services, maintaining the integrity of your corporate and customer data from your desktops to your supply chain.

System Security includes:

  • Workplace Security
  • Data Security
  • Data Center Security
  • Threat Detection
  • Supply Chain Security

Multi-Device Management

Your employees—and your company—increasingly rely upon mobile devices for everyday business. The evolving landscape of mobile apps, combined with the integration of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, has quickly grown into a labyrinth that is difficult for companies to manage with transparency and security. DecisionOne has successfully implemented—and internally uses—processes that securely optimize the power of enterprise mobility. We have seen mobile apps accelerate ticket resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce employee travel time by as much as 50%. Our experience has given us the insight to help you anticipate and address the challenges to mobility’s potential.

Multi-Device Management includes:

  • Device Management
  • Wi-Fi Implementation
  • Remote Monitoring and Support
  • Help Desk
  • Inventory Management
  • Security Fortification
  • Advanced Exchange
  • Asset Management

Cloud Migration and Management

As companies shift data and services to the cloud, they need a practiced partner who can help them identify, engineer, and maintain their cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are not an answer to every problem, and the process of shifting business-critical functions creates significant risks. While cloud solutions can offer significant benefits, they must be given the proper architecture to ensure successful implementation and future flexibility. DecisionOne offers a Hyperscale Service framework that is engineered to improve the simplicity and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions. A DecisionOne Hyperscale solution delivers on the promised flexibility and cost savings of cloud while providing you with one point of contact to address issues and identify future needs.

Cloud Migration and Management includes:

  • Assessment
  • Migration
  • Hyperscale
  • Support
  • Remote Monitoring

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