The DecisionOne ServiceONE support center handles 40,000 events every month, answering more than 85% of direct calls within 60 seconds. Our support center isn’t just comprehensive—it’s attuned to your SLA requirements.

We can improve your first call resolution rates, ensuring low call abandonment rates and achieving other metrics that matter most to you. We can provide shared, dedicated, hybrid, or backfill support, 7x24x365, 12×5, only after hours and on holidays, or whatever hours meet you need to cover.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Help Desk Support

Our help desk support specialists work with hundreds of firms facing service challenges around the world—especially during evening and weekend hours. We know what it means to be entrusted with a company’s customers, and we deliver on your promises. Help desk support is a single point of entry for all of our service offerings, capable of providing 24x7x365 one-call support for remote software, hardware, peripherals, wireless devices, and networks, even with third-party vendor communications and management.

After Hours Support and 24x7x365 Service Desk: Our technical service desk and call center services, including dispatch services, can be available to meet your needs 24x7x365, or only outside of business hours when your primary call center is closed.

Proprietary Hardware and Software Support: DecisionOne can support your proprietary and homegrown applications.

Commercial Hardware and Software Support: DecisionOne supports the last 3 versions of the Microsoft® Windows7reg;, Macintosh®, and Linux operating systems, as well as email, groupware, antivirus, utility, office productivity, browser, communication, network, mobile software, and more.

Help Desk Support can also include: Level I, II and III support, Shrink-wrapped software support (COTS), VPN support, Browser and ISP support – Level I and II, Advanced exchange support, Triage, Dispatch, and Scheduling support.

Workflow Management

Our service desk platform, SummitAI, manages workflows for incidents, problems, changes, knowledge management, and service requests. SummitAI can configure customized workflows and notifications, assigning multiple approvers or reviewers to a task in a serial or parallel fashion. Notifications can include embedded links and images from the associated ticket and can be triggered by a specific event or multiple other factors within an incident or service request. SummitAI even lets you flag a customer or a user with specific instructions for analysts to perform.

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Our remote monitoring system has a unique advantage over most of the event management solutions on the market today—predictive intelligence. It incorporates our proprietary service intelligence platform to harness the power of your asset data and help you anticipate, control, plan, and budget for emerging trends. Its recommendations provide critical input to our infrastructure management and maintenance technicians. With remote management, we can even develop programmatic responses to resolve common problems. This proactive and programmatic approach can save critical time and create real value.


Our recall advisors have extensive experience working with major retailers, manufacturers, and IT companies, where they implemented recall preparedness strategies that meet the stringent requirements of federal, state, and local agencies. By proactively planning for a potential recall event and implementing a recall program in advance, we help ensure the best experience for your customers should a recall event occur. By working with us in the preparation stage, before a recall event occurs, you gain a critical advantage over your competition.

Network Management

Network services are more than just maintenance—they involve proactive design, analysis, and monitoring that can sometimes burden a company’s IT staff which has been pulled into other issues. At the same time, it can be expensive for companies to maintain sufficient full-time network administrators to ensure that potential issues are averted before they become a network failure. DecisionOne has a staff of network specialists who are ready to address network design, maintenance, and more to maximize performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

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