DecisionOne developed the first and most sophisticated IT infrastructure service intelligence platform, IntelONE. IntelONE harnesses the knowledge from your unique repair and asset data, along with our more than 80,000,000 service data points to anticipate, control, plan, and budget for emerging trends, directions, and needs—not emergencies

DecisionOne IntelONE is embedded in many of our services. It provides concrete recommendations about the actions that you need to take in order to meet emerging needs.

Predictive analysis is a powerful tool that can examine masses of data to discover past trends and plot their trajectories to show what the future trends may be. But DecisionOne IntelONE goes further—it actually provides concrete recommendations about the actions that you need to take in order to meet emerging needs. It gives our consultative practice significant power and insight to help you outline the steps that will prepare you for new initiatives, based on the experience of others in your field. Now, if you tell us “I have 20,000 servers of this model configured to run this way,” we can predict, plan, and maintain your future workforce and asset demands.

The power of DecisionOne IntelONE comes from our:

  • masses of proprietary workforce and asset tracking data
  • predictive big data analysis tools
  • global universal ticketing network that can send and manage notifications to keep you informed and help put recommendations into action
  • worldwide Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs), where we can keep critical assets and parts can be readily available

Envision your future and take action now with IntelONE Predictive Intelligence.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Information Gathering

IT assessment can form the launching pad for your upcoming initiatives, and it can provide the data-driven fuel that informs your priorities. It is one place where insight, experience, and expertise have the most power to reduce your costs over time. That’s why DecisionOne has developed a tool that employs our massive data bank of experience, your proprietary factors, and the power of artificial intelligence to help our industry-leading experts review and assess your emerging needs. With our informed analysis, you can see where—and why—you should balance your priorities and resources for the coming challenges. In a competitive market where you need to think ahead of your competition, you need to start with the latest assessment technology.

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