DecisionOne ProjectONE has the knowledge, experience, and capacity to entirely manage infrastructure projects and services to help you achieve organizational goals.

If challenges arise when your resources aren’t available, or if non-differentiating work is taking your focus away from key business objectives, call on DecisionOne to delegate goals, responsibilities, and timelines to a focused external leader.

With our ProjectONE Extraction service, you can trade the fixed costs of in-house field service teams for more efficient variable costs. We can extract your field service, call center, service desk, parts and logistics, or depot repair employees into our team, provide them to you through an efficient as-needed structure, and assign them to other contracts as available. Our Extraction service can also help you achieve up to 20% cost savings with increased customer service levels.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.


Our extraction methodology has improved cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and employee morale by bringing a company’s existing technicians into the DecisionOne W2 workforce. As DecisionOne employees, technicians get to focus on mission-oriented work while our managers streamline administrative tasks with our proven tools and processes. Extraction helps companies turn the fixed costs of in-house field service teams into more efficient variable costs. We can extract your field service, call center, service desk, parts and logistics, or depot repair employees into our team, then provide them to you through an efficient as-needed structure. When your business slows, we assign your resources to other contracts. When your business trends up, we flow resources and services right back to you.

Project Management

Our project management service can achieve your initiatives with expertise, discipline, and structure. Our teams manage and complete infrastructure refreshes, upgrades, rollouts, recalls, and more. A DecisionOne project manager can lead a project team to start new support services or can ensure completion of large projects, providing agreed-to project deliverables and serving as the primary contact for project issues and communications. We will tailor the project to your specific needs, and we have the resources to quickly ramp up and maintain your project for its duration.

Project Management can include: Project Design, Staff Augmentation, Staff and FS Management, and Project Management PMO

Refresh and Update

Our refresh and update technicians can help ensure that your new asset rollouts and refreshes are tuned for efficiency and success. We provide deployment support for asset installations, moves, features, and coding on high availability equipment. New refresh initiatives can escalate your workloads and accelerate your timelines—so call on our capacity and experience to help get everyone up to speed and moving forward.

System Upgrades and Migrations

Our specialists can help ensure that upgrades, cloud migrations, and other initiatives have the proper architecture to ensure successful implementation and future flexibility. We can help you identify, engineer, and maintain cloud-based solutions, and we offer a Hyperscale Service framework that is engineered to improve the simplicity and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions. A DecisionOne Hyperscale solution delivers on the promised flexibility and cost savings of cloud while providing you with one point of contact to address issues and identify future needs.

System Upgrades and Migrations can include: Assessment, Migration, Support, and Remote Monitoring.

Office Moves and Relocations

Our moving and relocation specialists have the experience, resources, and support services to plan and complete your move with minimal disruption and maximum system availability. We offer precise planning and coordination of each relocation effort, from initial site planning through reinstallation and system assurance testing. We adhere to manufacturer specifications for computer room layout, machine placement, work/safety clearance, power, air conditioning, and cabling. We assign each relocation effort to a project manager who ensures that the relocation plan is executed on-time and that the client remains informed throughout the process. At the new location, we complete the move by performing system complex and system assurance testing.

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation can go beyond managed services to completely own and deliver the functions and responsibilities of an in-house IT team. We provide fully outsourced functions to hundreds of companies worldwide, and we have the comprehensive resources and capabilities to manage end-to-end solutions so that you can focus on your direction—not your details. We can handle your hardware, software, network, telephony, point-of-sale devices, and more. Imagine having a single proven partner deliver setup, updates, reliability, interactivity, and security for one or all of your business environments, at a capped monthly cost and with service level accountability.

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