As your business grows and changes, it can be difficult to stay ahead of your IT needs. Even the nature of IT support is changing, with the acceleration of cloud-based solutions and service-based software. How do you make sure that your company has dependable IT support without paying for staff that you don’t always need?

DecisionOne ITaaS (IT as a Service) offers comprehensive IT solutions that you can scale to your business needs. Our ITaaS goes beyond managed services to completely own and deliver the functions and responsibilities of an in-house IT team. We provide fully outsourced functions to hundreds of companies worldwide. We have the comprehensive resources and capabilities to manage end-to-end solutions so that you can focus on your direction—not your details.

We can handle your hardware, software, network, telephony, point-of-sale devices, and more. Imagine having a single proven partner deliver setup, updates, reliability, interactivity and security for one or all of your business environments, at a capped monthly cost and with service level accountability.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Hardware Management

In the shifting world of IT, many innovative companies have been rewarded by making early moves to shift data and asset management out to service providers so that the company can focus its proprietary IT staff on more uniquely differentiating and fulfilling work. DecisionOne has created AMaaST™ (Asset Management as a Service and Technology), a powerful and intuitive tool that helps you track and manage assets across your enterprise. And DecisionOne specialists make us a ready partner with the skills and staff for confident support.

Software Management

Every IT solution can benefit from experienced insight. DecisionOne specialists offer industry-leading experience, and we wanted a way to quickly capture and apply our collective knowledge for each new solution we design. That’s where our Software Management comes in. It can use IntelONE capabilities to generate targeted insight and recommendations for the solutions that we design.

Network Management

Network services are more than just maintenance—they involve proactive design, analysis, and monitoring that can sometimes burden a company’s IT staff which has been pulled into other issues. At the same time, it can be expensive for companies to maintain sufficient full-time network administrators to ensure that potential issues are averted before they become a network failure. DecisionOne has a staff of network specialists who are ready to address network design, maintenance, and more to maximize performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Data Center Management

You need a trusted partner who delivers secure service and support for the data centers at the heart of your business. Every new vendor or contractor is a new risk in your data center. Rely on skilled and certified DecisionOne specialists for all of your data center services. Data Center Management provides a comprehensive suite of support services for some of the most demanding data centers in the world. From single data centers to worldwide data center networks, our market-tested suite delivers multi-platform, vendor-neutral hardware maintenance that meets the highest standards. We can also help assure your data center security, along with unified, global, and web-enabled call management and enterprise asset management. We can even empower you with Network Operations Center monitoring, project tracking, network optimization, and storage optimization.

Data Center Management includes:

  • Setup and Design
  • Install and Maintain
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Dedicated Onsite Support
  • Secure Facility Access
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Security
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery

Data Center Management benefits include:

  • Support for conventional and Hyperscale/Grid technologies
  • Single-source hardware maintenance
  • Unified and customized performance standards across your enterprise
  • Unbiased OEM platform performance metrics
  • W-2 staff in most major international locations
  • Onsite and “Smart Hands” support
  • Global ticketing and escalation management
  • Global Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) network
  • IMACs
  • Structured cabling solutions
  • Rack and stack services

Cloud Migration and Management

As companies shift data and services to the cloud, they need a practiced partner who can help them identify, engineer, and maintain their cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are not an answer to every problem, and the process of shifting business-critical functions creates significant risks. While cloud solutions can offer significant benefits, they must be given the proper architecture to ensure successful implementation and future flexibility. DecisionOne offers a Hyperscale Service framework that is engineered to improve the simplicity and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions. A DecisionOne Hyperscale solution delivers on the promised flexibility and cost savings of cloud while providing you with one point of contact to address issues and identify future needs.

Cloud Migration and Management includes:

  • Assessment
  • Migration
  • Hyperscale
  • Support
  • Remote Monitoring

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