DecisionOne offers you more than 60 years of experience, and a larger workforce of full-time W-2 employees than any other independent IT service provider — to solve problems the first time, and fast.

More than 90% of our technicians are our employees, we have more than 1,000 service partners nationwide, and we deliver 85% first-trip effectiveness with 30-minute phone response rates. Our WorkplaceONE maintenance and support services give you one partner for full-lifecycle maintenance and related services on new and legacy equipment from all major manufacturers.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.


Our break-fix service technicians are ready to support your ongoing or on-call needs. For ongoing needs, we can provide onsite technicians through our innovative hybrid field service model—this model lets you to control the daily activities of our onsite W-2 employees while avoiding employee costs. We can also dispatch technicians as needed, per your SLA requirements. With a broad range of options, we are ready to provide your custom solution

Deskside and Desktop Support

Our desktop support technicians help ensure the uptime and reliability of the software, hardware and peripherals at your employees’ desks. Our technicians can work at your site full-time or part-time, or they can be available on call, managing all requests for service and answering questions about maintenance and ongoing management. We customize a team for your environment, ensuring that the engineers have a predetermined skill set that meets your specifications

Data Center Support

Our data center technicians can maintain your data storage infrastructure from procurement through end of life, with the metrics and monitoring that show exactly where you benefit from cost-saving efficiencies. Stay ahead of your storage needs with a partner who can maintain, tune, and monitor your existing storage for optimum efficiency so that your staff can stay focused on innovative work.

Data Center Support service can include: Procure and Install, Support, Break-Fix, Remote Monitoring, Storage Tuning, Middleware Management, Networking and Connectivity, and Asset Management.

Mobile Device Support

Our proprietary processes for mobile device support can accelerate ticket resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce employee travel time by as much as 50%. The evolving landscape of mobile apps, combined with the integration of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, has quickly grown into a labyrinth that is difficult for companies to manage with transparency and security. We have the experienced insight to help you anticipate and address the challenges that threaten mobility’s potential.

Mobile Device Support can include: Device Management, Wi-Fi Implementation, Remote Monitoring and Support, Help Desk, Inventory Management, Security Fortification, Advanced Exchange, and Asset Management.

Full Cycle Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management Service) is a powerful and intuitive capability and tool that continuously detects, records, tracks, and reports on IT assets—networked and non-networked—across your enterprise. And our experienced specialists can provide onsite tactical, supplemental, or comprehensive vendor-neutral asset management support. When your asset management is less than precise, your costs can quickly escalate—your operating costs become unclear, preventative maintenance is not timed properly, replacements are not scheduled economically, the risk of asset failures rises, and processes can come to a stop. AssetONE services, tools, and practices can simplify and enhance your asset management.

Hardware Management: We can handle your hardware, network, telephony, point-of-sale devices, and more, so that you can focus proprietary IT staff on more differentiating and fulfilling work. Our specialists make us a ready partner with the skills and staff for confident support.

Asset Management can also include: Our toolsets, Asset Lifecycle Management, Procure, Stage, Setup, Install, Manage and Fix, Monitor, Restore and Refresh, and Dispose and Refurbish.

Smart Hands Support

Our smart hands field service technicians can be dispatched to your site to perform duties according to your detailed instructions and specific direction by phone. The technicians can even collaborate with service desk agents via phone to help ensure problems are resolved quickly and accurately.

Carry-in Support

Our carry-in support provides drop-off centers that service laptops, tablets, and smartphones at your location, staffed with agents who demonstrate both technical and interpersonal skills. These walk-up locations give your end users easy access to how-to answers, troubleshooting, and break-fix services with or without an appointment. The centers can even offer tips and tricks or training sessions, and can be integrated with a larger support service plan.

Kiosk and Authentication

Our global network of technicians can help ensure that your self-service displays and kiosks deliver a quick, effective, and friendly customer experience. Displays, security controls, and other access points must provide transactional services while also maintaining important relationships. Our technicians integrate and maintain these devices to help you build those relationships, wherever they may be.

Warranty Support

Warranties can cover the cost of a repair or replacement, but they don’t cover the hassle. The reality is that many IT assets fail at inconvenient times and locations. And the burden of actually disconnecting the asset and processing its warranty service falls to someone who already has a full task list for the day. The logistics of making warranty claims is often enough to prevent companies from taking advantage of the warranty services and replacements that are rightfully theirs.

DecisionOne Warranty Support takes the burden of warranty claim logistics and follow-up off of your IT staff, and lets you efficiently take advantage of the value that your company has been leaving untapped. With a worldwide team of technicians, we always have someone ready and available to process warranty issues without taking time away from your staff’s more urgent responsibilities.

Data Center Management

Sufficient storage is essential for your business—but staying ahead of your storage needs can be very time-consuming and expensive. Maintaining, tuning, and monitoring your existing storage for optimum efficiency is even more demanding, and all of it pulls your focus away from more innovative work. DecisionOne has specialists who can maintain your data storage infrastructure from procurement through end of life, providing the metrics and monitoring to show exactly where you benefit from cost-saving efficiencies.

Data Center Operations includes:

  • Procure and Install
  • Support
  • Break-Fix
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Storage Tuning
  • Middleware Management
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Asset Management

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