DecisionOne offers you more than 60 years of experience, and the largest full-time W-2 employee workforce of any independent IT service provider, to help you solve problems the first time—and fast. Our specialists can evaluate and implement front-end or back-end solutions that are internal or customer-facing. We provide a global team of technicians who’ve done it all—at an enterprise scale.

Our solutions are tailored to include all—and only—the services you require. To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.

Maintenance and Support

Your business depends on receiving efficient network maintenance, upgrades, and support. With one call, you need to be able to reach a trusted partner with the capacity and expertise to meet your maintenance needs around the world.

Our Maintenance and Support services give you one resource to provide full-lifecycle maintenance and related services on new and legacy equipment—for any model or manufacturer. Our team of technicians provide one-time, temporary, or ongoing services for both businesses and manufacturers. Work with us to analyze your needs and design a solution tailored to fit your requirements, budget, and users.

We offer a full range of skilled and affordable maintenance services, everywhere in the world.

Maintenance and Support benefits include:

  • Reduced costs—achieve affordable pricing through exceptional operating efficiencies
  • High-quality service—access expert technical resources—more than 90% are our employees, many with government and specialty clearance
  • High issue resolution rates—maintain 85% first-trip effectiveness
  • Higher uptime—experience fewer equipment incidents through better operational controls and reporting
  • Faster responses—receive 30-minute phone response rates
  • Reduced labor time on equipment—improve efficiency and effectiveness through continual process improvements
  • Streamlined implementations—work with a large team of dedicated technicians who are badged for airports, hospitals, government agencies, and other regulated environments
  • Vendor neutrality—build solutions around your needs, not our products
  • Continuous improvement—let our process continually optimize service delivery
  • Flexibility and scalability—tailor solutions to meet specific needs, nationally and globally
  • Complete certifications—call upon global resources that have ongoing training and testing, including:
    • CompTIA A+ certifications
    • government security clearances supporting state, local and federal government agencies
    • HIPAA, HAZMAT and Material Safety Data Sheet protocol training for all FSTs
    • Dedicated badges for domestic, CLA, and EMEA/ASPAC airports
    • More than 1,000 service partners nationwide
  • Peace of mind—depend upon a trusted, one-source technology partner

Note: DecisionOne and Maintech are Third-Party Maintenance providers and perform break-fix hardware services. We do not offer or sell OEM-specific support agreements, licenses, firmware/software patches, bug fixes, operating system support, or application software support. OEM-specific support must be obtained by end-users under a separate agreement.


Our break-fix service technicians are ready to support your ongoing or on-call needs. For ongoing needs, we can provide onsite technicians through our innovative hybrid field service model—this model lets you to control the daily activities of our onsite W-2 employees while avoiding employee costs. We can dispatch onsite technicians as needed, per your SLA requirements. And we can be the “smart hands” onsite, while you provide remote technical guidance for proprietary tasks. We can even ship assets, such as keyboards and other small upgrades, to end users for self-installation. With a broad range of experience, we are ready to provide your custom solution.

Refresh and Update

Our deployment experts can help ensure that your new asset rollouts and refreshes are efficient and successful. We provide deployment support for asset installations, moves, features, and coding on high availability equipment. New refresh initiatives can escalate your workloads and accelerate your timelines—call on our capacity and experience to help get everyone up to speed and moving forward.

Help and Support Desk

To provide end user support, you need expertise and capacity that is available on demand. We offer remote technical support, OS troubleshooting, system monitoring, and system performance analysis.

In the field, it often seems like your technicians need to be everywhere, all the time. It can be a struggle to balance the triad of knowledge, location, and timing. That’s why it makes sense to call upon a service supplier to address some—or all—of your service needs in a cost-effective way. DecisionOne is a leading service supplier—we’ve even been chosen as the sole service provider for OEM companies that want to stay focused on manufacturing.

Our Help and Support Desk specialists work with hundreds of firms facing service challenges around the world—especially during evening and weekend hours. We know what it means to be entrusted with a company’s customers, and we deliver on the company’s promise. Help and Support Desk is a single point of entry for all of our service offerings, capable of providing 24x7x365 one-call support for remote hardware and software, after-hours customer calls, and even third-party vendor communications and management.

Help and Support Desk includes:

  • Multi-Level Help Desk
  • Phone/Video Triage
  • Scheduling/Dispatch Management
  • Captive “Genius Bars”
  • Custom Web Protocol

Help and Support Desk benefits include:

  • Better scalability—tailor services to your needs and budget, scaling them as needed with dedicated, shared, or hybrid support for short or long-term engagements
  • Faster issue resolution—deliver solutions based on SLAs and best practices, ensuring issues are resolved on the first call 75% of the time
  • Reduced costs—avoid paying for in-house expertise and infrastructure for 24×7 and global support services
  • Broader knowledge—increase your depth and breadth of supported technologies, including legacy and emerging technologies
  • Branded services—ensure that end users see no negative impact on service delivery and are unaware that they are interacting with an outsourced company
  • Increased business focus—keep internal IT resources focused on your core business
  • Improved service and satisfaction—provide experienced, knowledgeable, technical support staff who troubleshoot and resolve issues on your company’s behalf
  • Peace of mind—see all facets of services and inquiries, including interactions with vendors, and depend on a trusted partner to handle issues around the clock 24×7

System Security

Security is a race—a race to stay ahead of the latest threats. A company might feel that there is a risk in trusting an external provider for security services, but there can be an even greater risk in trying to keep internal staff ahead of the evolving risks. That’s why you need one central service provider who can manage your security needs with one point of access and accountability. DecisionOne offers a complete portfolio of security services, maintaining the integrity of your corporate and customer data from your desktops to your supply chain.

System Security includes:

  • Workplace Security
  • Data Security
  • Data Center Security
  • Threat Detection
  • Supply Chain Security

Multi-Device Management

Your employees—and your company—increasingly rely upon mobile devices for everyday business. The evolving landscape of mobile apps, combined with the integration of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, has quickly grown into a labyrinth that is difficult for companies to manage with transparency and security. DecisionOne has successfully implemented—and internally uses—processes that securely optimize the power of enterprise mobility. We have seen mobile apps accelerate ticket resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce employee travel time by as much as 50%. Our experience has given us the insight to help you anticipate and address the challenges to mobility’s potential.

Multi-Device Management includes:

  • Device Management
  • Wi-Fi Implementation
  • Remote Monitoring and Support
  • Help Desk
  • Inventory Management
  • Security Fortification
  • Advanced Exchange
  • Asset Management

Print Management

Printing costs may seem like a non-negotiable. Often, a company’s daily processes and legacy printing procedures have a high cost that is difficult to analyze. But just as often, there are inefficiencies hidden among the processes and equipment. Risks arise when you cannot tell what is being printed where and by whom—especially in the age of cloud-based solutions. You need to be able to see your true printer needs, maintenance costs, wasted pages, and more.

Our Print Management specialists can evaluate, assist, or entirely manage your enterprise-wide printing needs to help untangle unnecessary expenses while facilitating the most effective print pieces that drive your business. Our end-to-end approach typically saves customers 20-30% on print-related costs. That’s because our specialists understand the process, from design through support.

Print Management includes:

  • Setup and Install
  • Support and Maintain
  • Print Optimization
  • Assessment
    • Discover existing devices
    • Document procurement and support processes
    • Establish current cost baseline
    • Identify opportunities to enhance print services cost-effectiveness, performance and capabilities
  • Design
    • Build comprehensive strategies to streamline print operations and reduce costs
    • Consolidate assets and minimize the number of manufacturers and models to support
    • Optimize and manage the print environment to meet user needs
    • Deliver integrated, multi-vendor maintenance services
  • Implementation
    • Implement design strategies and gain control over print operations
    • Provide print-as-a-service to departments
    • Implement proactive supply and service delivery
    • Set up comprehensive reporting
  • Management
    • Identify under- and over-utilized devices
    • Track changing user requirements
    • Use business analytics to spot workflow improvements
    • Deploy new technology to eliminate or streamline printing
    • Provide ongoing troubleshooting, support and maintenance, including supplies replenishment
  • Document Management
  • Materials Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Refresh/Dispose

Print Management benefits include:

  • Reduced print costs—consolidate printers to match real needs, standardize hardware, reduce waste, and lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduced IT support costs—support fewer devices, more consistent user interfaces, and simpler print process
  • Tighter security and control—use our new methods for end-to-end print asset assessment, monitoring, authorization, encryption, measurement, and reporting
  • Digital transformation—design and deploy an infrastructure to transition to digital documents
  • Improved communications—build understanding between IT staff, departments, and end users
  • Reduced governance and IP risks—implement controls that enforce government-mandated requirements
  • Better business continuity—establish digital workflow processes for disaster recovery preparedness
  • More strategic decisions—access the actual usage, cost, and other data needed for informed budget, investment, and allocation decisions
  • Wider choice of manufacturers—depend on our vendor-neutral solution design and support
  • Simplified IT landscape—proactively identify under-used print assets that you can reallocate or retire

Unified Communications

Communication is the lifeblood of your business, but—with so many channels and so many assets—communication can also be a drain on your budget. With today’s landscape of mobile devices and other innovative channels, it’s important to make sure that traditional options remain efficient and effective. DecisionOne can help you manage one service efficiently or maintain a broad view of enterprise communication to help centralize messages and eliminate redundancy.

Unified Communications includes:

  • Unified Communication Management
  • VOIP
  • Plan Administration
  • Network Management
  • Device Support and Maintenance
  • Asset Management

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