Founded in 1958, DecisionOne offers comprehensive IT solutions to a diverse group of Fortune 1000 customers across North America. DecisionOne’s highly skilled, scalable workforce provides a single source of world-class IT support that helps clients reduce operating costs, extend technology life, and optimize their technology infrastructure anywhere, anytime.

We provide innovative and collaborative technology solutions to:

  • Support your employees’ technology needs at any location
  • Ensure your employees have the technology tools they need at all times
  • Reduce your overall technology costs and risk profile
  • Optimize technology performance throughout your company
  • Deliver flexible and scalable technology infrastructure and resources

DecisionOne + Soroc Technology

DecisionOne and Soroc Technology, two global leaders in IT Services, are coming together. This partnership strengthens our ability to provide world-class IT services to existing and prospective clients. With a wide range of service offerings in the Americas, Europe, and beyond, the combined organization builds on a proven platform delivering comprehensive life-cycle IT Services across a spectrum of client needs while considerably increasing its capabilities and geographic reach.

About Soroc

Soroc Technology (“Soroc”) is based in Woodbridge (near Toronto), Ontario Canada. Soroc is a versatile, comprehensive IT Products, Services, and Solutions provider with an extensive team of certified professionals offering expert guidance and support to more than 10,000 client locations throughout North America and Europe. Partnering with Soroc provides Decision One with expanded capabilities, a larger geographic footprint, and enhanced service offerings.


Larger geographic footprint

enhanced Service offerings


We foster teamwork through transparent communication and active listening


We seek continuous learning, improvement, and creative solutions


We are dedicated to delivering excellence and reward employees for their contributions


We value and support one another by building authentic, mutually trusting relationships


We always do the right thing for our fellow employees, clients, and partners

Case Study

Commercial Airline

Our services allowed the airline to meet its support needs without investing in costly infrastructure expansion or additional IT personnel.


To become the trusted advisor that delivers world-class digital transformation enablement services, while always striving to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, and employees.

Our technology solutions are collaborative and innovative; our strength is rooted in our people.


To build a premier “Digital Transformation Enablement Services” organization that delivers a suite of best-in-class IT solutions for forward-thinking companies.

Our solutions are tailored to include all – and only – the services you require.
To discuss how we can tailor services to meet your budget and needs, contact us.