IT Asset Management

Procure, Deploy, and Maximize the value of your technology assets across every location

Reduced Costs, 24/7 Support, and Fast Turnaround Times

Unlock the Benefits of Professional Asset Management

Reduce your costs

With our asset management services, your business will save money by letting us manage your IT assets for you. This includes procuring, deploying, and maximizing the value of your technology assets across every location.

What Your Employees Need, Where They Need It

Your employees will have the IT resources they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Our programs ensure that your technology is effectively utilized and leveraged across all locations. IT asset management services give employees the IT resources they need when they need them most, leading to improved productivity.

Quick Turnaround

Our asset management services provide quick turnaround times that benefit your organization because it minimizes the amount of time your IT assets are not in use. Quick turnaround times allow you to get the most out of your IT assets and improve efficiency.

IT Asset Management Services

We have all of your IT needs covered from strategy and planning to procurement, deployment, support services, and disposition.

Hardware and Software Procurement and Management

We work closely with our network of trusted vendors to deliver the right end-user equipment for all your needs. These long-standing partnerships within our supply channels allow us to maximize every purchase, which translates into cost savings for you.

Environmentally Friendly and Secure Disposition of Assets

We work with certified recyclers to ensure your IT assets are disposed of properly and environmental regulations are followed. We’re committed to providing environmentally friendly and secure disposition of assets. We also offer data destruction services to ensure your confidential data is securely destroyed during disposition.

Network and Data Center Management

Our data center management services help your data centers run smoothly. We will work with you to create a custom plan that meets the specific needs of your business and our team will provide ongoing support for optimal performance.

Asset Security and Governance

You can protect your investments in any environment with our asset security and governance service. We can help you develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that your assets are properly secured and managed. Additionally, we’ll provide ongoing support to help you maintain compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our technicians currently support and maintain hardware from dozens of the world’s leading manufacturers, including IBM®, HP®, DellTM, Toshiba®, Sony®, Apple®, Lenovo®, Fujitsu®, NCRSM, Lexmark®, Epson®, Okidata®, BrotherTM, Panasonic®, Cisco®, Netgear®, and 3M®

Case Study

Complex IT Support Made Easy for Commercial Airline

A major US commercial airline was facing rising fuel costs, diminished passenger travel, and increased competition from low-fare carriers. The airline needed to reduce costs – including IT support costs.

As a result of using our services, the airline saw impressive results:

  • Improved IT system performance
  • Cost savings
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased passenger satisfaction
  • Faster equipment restoration time
  • Shorter project completion time
Case Study

Uninterrupted Operations with Minimized Administrative Cost for Multinational Auto Parts Retailer

A multinational auto parts retailer needed an IT Support partner to provide help desk services, onsite desktop support, and replacement parts support to 10,000+ repair centers in five countries. The company needed a single-source IT partner to minimize administration costs.

After providing multiple levels of support, the changes were readily apparent:

  • Uninterrupted operation of 10,000+ locations across North and Central America
  • Reduced administration costs
  • 100% of SLA requirements achieved
  • 97%+ first call resolution rate
Case Study

National Department Store Realizes Consistent Performance with Integrated IT Solution

A national chain of department stores needed IT solutions for onsite maintenance, logistics, and depot repair of its PCs, laptops, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, network equipment, and handheld devices, in addition to offering an advanced exchange program and services to ramp up quickly for the holiday shopping season.

After enlisting our services, our client quickly saw measurable results:

  • 30-day ramp-up from contract award to support provided
  • More than 6,100 shipments per month
  • Less than 1% rate of repeat returns without calling on manufacturers
  • Brand new advanced exchange created
  • Single-Point-of-Contact for all device repairs
  • 97% of device repairs resolved in-house

Our Clients Say it Better Than We Can

hear from them directly

U.S. Commercial Airline

“[They] enabled us to reduce our total cost of ownership, improve quality operations, and enhance service levels. Their ability to adapt to our industry’s ever-changing security requirements ensured consistent service delivery—minimizing system downtime.”

Regional Airline

“From inception, to solution, to resolution, our team was able to reduce hardware needs by 50%, enrich the work experience, and provide a one-stop shop for all their IT needs – reducing costs and improving the life cycle process.”

IT Asset Management Services Tailored To Your Needs

We understand that every business has different IT asset management needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions that can be tailored to include only the services you require. To discuss your specific needs and budget, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation and proposal.